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2010/8/27 F1 Week Event Information

F1 Japan Grand Prix week runs from Thursday to Monday and is chock-full of events which are “Distinctly Suzuka!”, “Only at the F1!”, and “Fun to watch and fun to join in!”
Events based on these catchphrases for you to make the most of will be held over the 5 days from Thursday to Monday at the 2010 F1 Japan Grand Prix.

A rush of top drivers taking the stage!!

“All events within the grounds”
Drivers participating in the FCJ (Formula Challenge Japan) organized as a support race, young domestic drivers vying for a place in future F1 events, as well as the top drivers operating at the forefront of their sport, will all be gathering at Suzuka Circuit. Drivers will be making appearances at various events including talk shows.

  • Date: October 7th (Thursday) – 11th (Public holiday Monday)
  • Location: GP Square Event Stage (and other locations)

Note:Guest drivers will be announced as they are decided.

Relive the history of the Suzuka F1 Grand Prix

“Suzuka F1 GP Memorial Image Screening”
Images of Suzuka Circuit F1 Japan Grand Prix from 1987-2009 will be screened at “Vision”, GP Square Event Stage.

  • Date: October 7th (Thursday) – 10th (Sunday)
  • Location: GP Square Event Stage

Memorial Screening, Suzuka F1 GP 2009
Memorial Screening, Suzuka F1 GP 2009

All the best information for F1 Japan Grand Prix Week

“FM Mie (FM78.9MHz) Public Broadcast”
Hear all the trackside excitement of the F1 Japan Grand Prix on a special broadcast from Suzuka Circuit! We will be staging a live public broadcast from a satellite studio as a Radio Cube FM Mie Japan Grand Prix Special, giving listeners the feeling they are actually trackside, featuring F1 Journalists, active racers, and a large number of guests. Since FM Mie covers all of Mie Prefecture, as well as the Tokai region, listeners can even enjoy radio broadcasts while heading to the F1 Japan GP, or on their way home.

  • Date: October 8th (Friday) – 11th (Public holiday Monday)
  • Location: GP Square Event Stage

Public broadcast, 2009

Take a souvenir photo with a life-sized photo stand-up of F1 drivers!

“Driver Photo Corner”
As in the past, the GP Square will feature F1 driver life-sized photo panels. Take a 2010 F1 Japan Grand Prix spectator’s souvenir photo next to a life-sized photo stand-up of a F1 driver!
Additionally, photo stand-ups are scheduled to be listed in Monday’s premium auction.

  • Date: October 7th (Thursday) – 10th (Sunday)
  • Location: GP Square

Driver photo corner, 2009
Driver photo corner, 2009

A world of powerful F1 art, painted in ink

“F1 Ink Art, an exhibition by Hiroshi Tarui”
Last year’s popular “Bokuga Art Exhibition by Hiroshi Tarui” will be held again this year on an even larger scale. In addition to an exhibition of his works, Mr. Tarui will be performing painting demonstrations on site, as well as holding autograph-sessions.

  • Date: October 7th (Thursday) – 10th (Sunday)
  • Location: TBA

Hiroshi Tarui’s exhibition of his F1 Ink art, 2009
Hiroshi Tarui’s exhibition of his F1 Ink art, 2009

After the final race, walk the international racing course with your own feet!!

“West Course Walk”
This year too will see the course walk for the West portion of the international racing course, held after the final race of the F1 Japan Grand Prix! With the excitement of the race still running high, visitors can feel the heat of the asphalt under their own feet while walking the international racing course.

  • Date: October 10th (Sunday) after the conclusion of the final race.

Note: Visitors will be permitted onto the course after post race preparation has been completed following the conclusion of the final race.

  • Location: International Racing Course, West Course

West Course Walk, 2009
West Course Walk, 2009

The revival of Suzuka’s past F1 racing machines!!

“F1 Legend demonstration race and exhibition”
A demonstration race of F1 machines which have previously raced at Suzuka will be held on the morning of the final race.
Additionally, these machines will also be exhibited the following day (October 11th, Public holiday Monday) at the fan meeting venue.


  • Date and time: October 10th (Sunday) 10:00 – 10:30 (current schedule)
  • Location: International Racing Course


  • Date: October 11th (Public holiday Monday)
  • Location: TBA

Machines participating in the race and exhibition will be announced at a later date.

Heats and final races re-televised at Circuit Vision!!

“Playback Showing”
Images of the heats and final race will be televised at Circuit Vision.

  • Date: October 9th (Saturday) following the conclusion of the pre-race event. HEAT PLAYBACK
    October 9th (Saturday) following the conclusion of the race. FINAL RACE PLAYBACK
    October 11th (Public holiday Monday) Time TBA. FINAL RACE PLAYBACK
  • Location: All Circuit Vision locations within the grounds.

Photos for illustrative purposes only.

The Monday following the final race is full of all kinds of attractive events, including the F1 Legends exhibition, and the main straight walk!!

“Fan Meeting”
The day following this years final race is a public holiday. We will be holding a “fan meeting” on the 11th (Public holiday Monday) for all the fans who stay at Suzuka Circuit after the final race until the following day. Events include: “Paddock mystery tour” – a partial tour of the paddock, still bearing the marks of a close contest; “Main straight walk” – a walk on the course where a hotly contested competition unfolded; “F1 Legend exhibition” – an exhibition of the machines used in the demo run; as well as the “Final race playback & talk show”; and “Premium auction and lottery event” etc. With such a large number of events, visitors are able to have a great time even on the day after the final race.

  • Date: October 11th (Public holiday Monday)

Talk show Paddock mystery tour (podium) Main straight walk Paddock mystery tour (media center)
The day after the final race, 2009. From the left hand side: “Talk show”, “Paddock mystery tour (podium)”, “Main straight walk”, “Paddock mystery tour (media center)”.


F1 Week Event Information