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Ended the "check-in event". Thank you very much.

Check In F1 Japan GP! Check In F1 Japan GP!

*<Cautions>When service can be used in neither the stop of foursquare, nor the situation of system fault and a circuit, this event will be taken as a stop. There is no postponement.


Date Sun., October 9, 2011
Time 13:00-(please give me check-in from 13:00 time)
* Since there are not a signal of check-in, a signal of an end, etc., if it becomes at the 13:00 times, please check in each one.
* Present exchange time is set to 13:00-18:00.
Check-in place Please check in in "F1日本GP Check In Event".(F1 JAPANESE GP Check In Event)
* Please refrain from check-in to a venue besides several hours after checking in in "F1日本GP Check In Event".
Meeting Place
(Present exchange place)
The Suzuka F1 Japan Grand Prix Regional Revitalization Council Event Booth
About present exchange Please show me the screen immediately after checking in in "F1日本GP Check In Event" at the time of exchange.
* The display is required.
* Exchange of a souvenir (original postcard) will be taken as one 1 people.
* Although I am preparing many souvenirs (original postcard), I will make it into the order of arrival in the case of run out.


* The photograph and illustration of printing are images.
* It may become contents change or a stop for the reasons of the weather etc.
* The logo of foursquare and foursquare is a trademark of U.S. Foursquare Labs and Inc.
*A Suzuka F1 Japan Grand Prix Regional Revitalization Council holds this event, and it is not related to Suzuka Circuit.